1.5″ Nail Strip

Nail Strip Standing Seam provides easy installation, very high wind loads, and waterproofing, in a wide array of colors and material types, delivering a unique option for homeowners and contractors.

This hidden fastener panel is manufactured in 1.5” seam height and it is available in widths of 15.125″ and 19.125″. The width is dependent upon the height of the seam that is spec’d for the job.

Note: The load tables have been compiled for the design of steel roofing and siding used in conjunction with either wood or steel-framed structures. EPIC Steel assumes no responsibility, either expressed or implied, for its use.



Hidden Fastener, On-Site Rollforming, Architectural Appearance, High Wind Loads, Many Material Options, Easy Installation.

Application Details:

Slope Requirement

Roof Application

Minimum Slope Requirement
1″ Nail Strip – 3:12, 1.5″ Nail Strip – 3/12
Roof Application

Fastener Spacing: 12″ to 24″, refer to engineering specifications for proper clip spacing and substrate specifications.

Standing seam metal roofing can be used in conjunction with exposed fastener trim pieces or trim that is designed to reduce / eliminate the need of exposed fasteners on the roofing surface. This designation must be made prior to production.

EPIC Steel is neither partially nor solely responsible for improper installation or defects as a result of installation. Epic Steel recommends obtaining a color chip prior to placing an order. Please contact your Epic Steel representative to learn more.


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