7/8″ Corrugated

This unique corrugated panel design can give a project a distinctive and refined appearance. The 7/8” Corrugated Panel has a single overlap system for vertical applications and a double overlap system for roofing applications, both are accompanied by a waterproofing anti-siphon groove for excellent water tightness. This panel is cut to length, made in many gauges, colors, and material types including Cor-Ten.



Architectural Design, Anti-Siphon Groove, Can be Made in Weathering Steel and many other materials and gauges.

  • 1 ½” Bearing Length Load Span Tables Based on Working Stress
  • Flexural Design analysis according to AISI “Specification for the Design of Light Gauge Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members” May 1981
  • Continuous Span Loading applies to sheets continuous over three or more spans
  • Weight of sheet has not been allowed for when calculating live load and uplift.
  • Deflection (L/180) limiting live load based on deflection of span
  • Metal thickness based on minimum ASTM specifications for allowable load calculations
  • Loads may be increased by ⅓ for wind loads

Application Details

Slope Requirements

Screw Application

Roof Application

Minimum Slope Requirement


Screw Application

#10 Wood grip fasteners are designed for use with dimensional lumber,  #14 Wood grip fasteners are designed for use with plywood sheeting, OSB, and wafer wood (7/16” minimum thickness). #12 Tek screws are designed to be used with structural steel up to 3/16” in thickness.

Roof Application

Fasteners are to be applied at the top of the corrugation, every third ridge, attached to each purlin as often as is required.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the builder to ensure that purlins are adequately spaced to meet specific engineering requirements.

EPIC Steel is neither partially nor solely responsible for improper installation or defects as a result of installation. Epic Steel recommends obtaining a color chip prior to placing an order. Please contact your Epic Steel representative to learn more.

Note: The load tables have been compiled for the design of steel roofing and siding used in conjunction with either wood or steel-framed structures.  EPIC Steel assumes no responsibility, either expressed or implied, for its use.